Courses for John DeGarmo

Supporting Your Child During Cutting and Self-Harm Episodes (10 Minutes)

Cutting behavior is not uncommon among teens and pre-teens in general populations and among foster kids, who have suffered trauma of some kind, it may be even more prevalent.

Making Time For Your Marriage During Foster Care (15 Minutes)

When you are looking after a child from foster care 24 hours a day, every day, every week, every month, it can be a time consumer and leave little time for you, and your spouse or partner. Let’s talk about ways to stay connected.

Scared: The Beginning of a New Family Member (12 Minutes)

Being removed from family and arriving in foster care is a very frightening time; one filled with fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. It is a time where even the bravest of children become scared.

Not Taking It Personally (10 Minutes)

Foster parenting can be difficult. There are those times when the children we care for in our homes and living with our families may say things to hurt us. We'll discuss why it's important to not take these personally.

Why You Need to Say “No” as a Foster Parent (12 Minutes)

It's okay to say “No,” once in a while as a foster parent. It is okay for you to take time for yourself, your spouse, and your family. It is okay to re-charge those batteries.

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