Courses for Rhonda Sciortino

Helping Kids Succeed Because of What They’ve Been Through (14 Minutes)

Using the lessons learned from living through an emotional roller coaster of a childhood, Rhonda Sciortino discusses the five points of prosperity that enabled her to persevere and start a successful business.

Setting Kids Up for Success (10.5 Minutes)

A quick conversation and available resources to assist with setting up your child for success.

Get Results With Better Conversations (3.5 Hours)

We sought the input of child caring through leaders throughout the United States to learn what to do about kids who are using drugs, kids with anger issues, kids who steal and lie, and who are bullying and who get bullied.

Preventing Tragedy in Foster Care (1.5 Hours)

What you do to prevent the preventable, mitigate the foreseeable, and respond to tragedy or allegations, may determine your future and the future of your family.

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