The National Foster Parent Association has partnered with the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) and Upbring, a child welfare service provider in Texas, to advocate for the Foster Care Tax Credit Act.

This proposed bill would provide a one-time per year tax credit to families that provide short-term care for foster children.

As you know, there is a nationwide shortage of foster families, especially those providing short-term or emergency care (6 months or less). Additionally, while there are some benefits in place for foster families, those providing short-term care are not able to claim the child as a dependent and, therefore, cannot take advantage of certain tax benefits for caring for the child, such as the Child Tax Credit, that are available for long-term foster families. A Foster Care Tax Credit for short-term foster families would provide additional support for foster children and these families that are otherwise left out when it comes to federal tax benefits and would help states to recruit and retain foster parents.

We are distributing this short survey because we are seeking data and input from foster parents around the nation to help us demonstrate the need for this tax credit. The information collected will remain confidential and no identifying information will be shared. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you for your time and help in this effort! Be sure to respond by 9/7.

Take the survey HERE.

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